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Sensing and measuring for scientific research and environmental management

SenSys distributes and supports high-precision sensing and measuring LI-COR® instruments used in scientific research and environmental monitoring.

Light, leaf area, photosynthesis, gas and eddy covariance.

Light measurement   The worldwide standard for light measurement, LI-COR® light sensors are used for ecological, meteorological, solar energy, plant research and underwater measurements. The latest design builds on 40+ years of experience producing light sensors. Learn more ...
New! LI-6800   The world's leading photosynthesis system for learning, teaching and performing high-level plant physiology research. The LI-COR® Portable Photosynthesis System LI-6800 is a new instrument for superior photosynthetic gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. It combines the latest technology and scientific advancements to achieve fast response, precise control of temperature and CO2, actual leaf temperature, and full control over water vapour. Please contact us for a demonstration. Learn more ...

Portable Photosynthesis System



An entirely new instrument for superior photosynthetic gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence measurements

Leaf area measurements   LI-COR® Leaf Area Meters are used worldwide in all types of environmental applications including agronomy, ecology, plant physiology, plant pathology, carbon cycle studies and entomology.   There are choices of meters: fast, non-destructive leaf area measurements (LI-3000C), rapid measurements of large amounts of detached leaves (LI-3100C), or labor-saving, direct measurements of Leaf Area Index (LAI-2200C). Learn more ...
Eddy Covariance gas analysers   For measurements of gas exchange between terrain and the atmosphere, LI-COR® offers simple solutions that give fully processed flux results on site, in real time. The latest gas analyser to be released is the LI-7500DS, featuring miniaturised electronics, lower price and lower power requirements.   The LI-7500DS has the lowest power demands of any EC gas analyzer available. It brings the dependability and precision that researchers expect, in a lower cost, easier-to-use instrument. Learn more ...
Gas analysis   A range of LI-COR® instruments for precise measurements of CO2 and water vapour for industrial, greenhouse and research applications, the field or in the lab. Learn more ...
Soil gas flux   Three systems are available for different types of soil flux studies:   The survey system for conducting measurements using either a 10 cm or 20 cm chamber;   The single chamber long-term system for continuous automated measurements with a single chamber;   The multiplexed configuration, providing a large sample size from up to 16 chambers, capable of running autonomously for months.Learn more...

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