Precision Agriculture

Empowering water, effluent, fertiliser and crop management decisions

Day-to-day decisions on the farm become easier with the SenSys suite of precision agriculture products. Valuable information flows to SmartPhone, tablet or computer in real time from easy-to-install wireless, low-powered sensing devices that may be used all over the farm.

Soil husbandry   Soil moisture and temperature informs many decisions about crop management - planting, fertilising, irrigation and effluent spreading - contributing to greater quality and productivity.   Until now, obtaining soil moisture and temperature has been complex and expensive, frequently requiring third party involvement.   The new LoRa-enabled S3P has changed the game. High accuracy, low cost, low power, long range, and easy self-install, the S3P keeps you informed, daily.


Now you can be your own soils expert, affordably, with the SenSys S3P - a LoRa™-enabled soil moisture and temperature probe. Sending data approx 40+km rurally to a regional LoRa™ gateway, the S3P has your soil information available online, from sensors anywhere on the farm. Approx 6 years battery life.


Wireless, low-powered and long-range, the S3P soil probe provides accurate sub-surface measurement of soil moisture and temperature at multiple depths at 100mm intervals, up to 2m. Calibrated to international standards. Self-calibrates 0-100% for any soil type.


No-fuss installation! Simply choose the soil type and aspect you wish to monitor, drill a 32mm hole, insert the S3P- and that's it. No additional equipment needed on site. Access soil temperature and moisture information using the App or your own secure cloud account where it is stored permanently.

Water management   Every drop of water is precious and increasingly expensive. Keep a careful 24/7 watch on your water tanks, dams, and irrigation lines with WaterMon. It informs you of levels, leaks and usage events, detecting abnormalities.   RainMon helps you keep an accurate eye on the sky, so you can know how much rainfall your soil has received and plan irrigation accordingly.

Water tanks and lines

Prevent unnecessary water loss with WaterMon. It monitors water usage, water levels and detects leaks. There are no wires, levers, floats or special viewing panels. LoRa™-enabled, it takes less than 5-minutes to install (no loggers or telemetry systems needed) and you can see your volumes and usage from any computing device. Issues are alerted by SMS or email.


Long-range, with long-life battery lasting 6+ years, the RainMon teams with precision rain gauge from Texas Electronics to accurately and wirelessly record rainfall. Information is accessed through the cloud from your secure account.

Pasture dry matter   Inform stocking and nutrient decisions for improved intensive grazing management results.   The wireless, low-powered and long-range dry matter sensor by SenSys accurately measures pasture growth.
Milk cooling system   Monitoring the milk cooling, refrigeration and vat machinery is essential for maintaining milk quality standards.   With the SenSys LoRa-enabled monitoring and logging system, Octometer, reports are automatically generated for the temperatures of the stored milk and cooling system. Alerts are sent if anything is out of order, potentially saving loss of milk and penalties.


Frees up staff time by automatically recording and reporting milk temperatures, washdown peaks/durations and milk cooling processes in real-time.


Improves milk equipment care and management and allows rapid response to equipment failures.


Meets MPI performance check requirements, and simplifies and automates reporting.

Made in New Zealand   SenSys has a long history with primary industry. We understand farmers' and growers' need for accurate and timely information that contributes to reducing costs and lifting productivity.   The SenSys range of LoRa™-enabled products are designed and made in New Zealand. All products are globally deployable, compliant with local LoRa™ country and regional plans.

How the products work

SenSys range of LoRa®-enabled farm sensing devices are uniquely superior technology, integrated with Apps that are the ultimate in simplicity to use.

The devices communicate over a new region-wide radio communication system called LoRa®. LoRa® technology enables low-powered devices to communicate wirelessly over very long ranges to a regional LoRa® gateway - approx 40+km rurally.

The new technology means...
Devices work anywhere on the farm.
Easy access to information on management App.
No complex installation.
Low cost, low maintenance, low operational cost.
No wires.
Single device communicates - no other equipment to install.
System notifies you if the device goes offline.
Long-life battery (years - depending on the communication rate).
System notifies you when battery needs recharging.
Automated reports.
Permanent storage.
Gathered data is yours - securely and permanently available to you to access (or anyone you authorise).

Precision agriculture product range




Soil moisture and temperature measurement at multiple depths





Enhance the security of your gate or door


Precision is now accessible AND affordable. Please enquire for further information.

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